Saturday, August 8, 2015

4 years of this Blog

I started this blog as an overflow, Flickr had a 200 picture limit unless you wanted to pay so I was pacing myself and extra photos usually came here. Then at some point this blog became the primary and my flickr account more of a tease like Instagram
Movies, at one time we had these places to upload them: then they decide to charge to upload. Which became the place to upload because wanted to charge and was free. But it didn't last long because decide to go with ads instead of charging it's up-loaders. It was by far the best of the 3. Jasmine had it set up real nice!! But she decide she didn't want it anymore and no one wanted to take it over so it died!!

That is when I decided with the forming of "The Cloud" to store all my produced videos there!! Yes I have all my 120+ movies on a external hard drive, but was embedding all the movie on one of these 3 sites that I had no control over and if the server was wiped or the site owner didn't want it no more I was screw. Sure someday the cloud could break, but it seems more reliable than a individually owned machinima site. I also upload to about 3 other sites, but 2 of them are more RL content oriented and became more of a gamer clip place than anything, some that look much better than SL.

Movie Stills, I do them more as to a tease of what can be seen in the movie. But the shocking fact is the movie stills get more views in the first 2 weeks than the movie does!! I don't know if people have time to look at pictures and not watch the movie or the way Blogger dose it's statistics. Eventually the movies get far more views that the stills but not those first couple weeks!!

Parties/Party pics, I had this Idea of having porn parties and taking pictures, well because porn people like to be in pictures and show off!!! Sure it had be done before, but not consistently, so I picked the day in the middle of the week the one called "Hump day" we giggled about it in elementary school. 3 1/2 years later and it's still going!!! Hump-day Party (part 1 of 3) Jan 25th FIRST HUMP-DAY PARTY
I do the majority of my casting at parties these days, for example most of the cast of Intergalactic SLUTS can be found at the parties!! I cast at parties because most of my shoots are at that time of day, and if they can make a party they can usually make a shoot!! So many people cum and go in porn it's hard to know who is active or not and if they are at parties it's assumed they want to make porn!! That is why I started the Hump-day party and that is why it's important to come to them!!

That is about all I do on this blog these days, between movies, clothing design, shopping and hosting 2 parties a week not much time left to take pictures like I did years back.
Thank everyone for viewing my blog over all these years!!!!

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