Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Want to be in a Movie??

Want to be in a Miss Emily Production???

SHOOTING: Wednesday August 12th, 10:30pm to 1:00am SLT . Please note the time and day I know if you are in Europe it would be Thursday morning, up to you to figure it out for your timezone!!

Who am I (some may ask) ? Well I won Best Director and Best Movie at The Sexist Awards this year and I have produce over 120  movies if that's not good enough for you don't bother to read farther!!
As you can see by the set it's an airplane movie called: Mile High Club.
There are 18 seats and were going to film on my studio homestead which has a limit of 20 people. So we could have 18 passengers and 2 flight attendants, or a pilot or something, doesn't matter.
We are all First Class Passengers, so dress the part!! No Gangsters and ho's!!!
Here is the deal I have a handful of people already committed to this movie, I really don't need to have the plane full!! But because it would look better the fuller it is and I know a lot of people would like to be in my movies, so I have opened this up!! As long as you look good. act professional (listen) and dress the role your in!!
This is the movie I'm going to enter for Movie of the Year for the next Sexist Awards!!
The movie will be 8 to 12 minutes long and be released in about 6 weeks.
Everyone will get in 2 to 3 sex poses (probably all we'll have time for). With the exception of my BF that falls asleep and misses ALL THE FUN!!
Tattoos, I prefer clean women, and men can have some, remember your First Class passengers!! The worst thing about tattoos is they are the last thing to rezz, just go to a party and you can see that!!
Please show up on time or before and expect to stay until 1am SLT. There is always a shortage of males so you men, don't be afraid, this won't hurt, please cum!!

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