Saturday, January 16, 2016

January 13th, Hump Day Party


If you were at this weeks party, you might be in these pictures. If you couldn't make it you should see what you missed!!! Great party peeking out with 34 of us at the party (That ties the record again)!! 

We had WS Creations back as the Wednesday Sponsor, and we gave away the ::WS:: Domination Throne - M/f  won by Thorgal!!
There were a lot of "Legends" I hadn't seen in a while at this Hump-day Party. I call them Legends (better than calling them old) because they were in the adult business when I came to SL porn.

Anyone that ask me who I look up to in porn I say, anyone that has been in porn longer than me, stayed active and still around. And 4 of them were at this party, Hard Rust, who has already won the Sexist Lifetime Achievement award (in 2013 I believe), and three that would be great candidates for it this year Scooby Mode, Quinn Ying and Thorgal McGillivary.

Scooby, Yes he is a legend, I know we all like to laugh with him but Scooby has made over 100 movies!! More like a little brother, get him focused and he can be one of the nicest and helpful around.

Quinn I had in the 6th movie I directed, she was already a big name back then (2011) and was so patient and helpful to this totally nervous nobody director. I believe Quinn has been in over a 100 movies.

Thorgal is one of the best directors in SL and won The Sexiest Awards best director in 2014 (I know because he beat me). I have been in some of his movies and he has been in some of mine. He has played Santa in 2 of them and I should get him back for that role again in 2016.

Hard from Hard Alley/Retroville like I wrote has already won the Sexist Lifetime Achievement award as have I, we should have gold jackets or something. I don't know him well, never was one to spend much time at Hard Alley I just was in one of Thorgal's movies with him and a photo that Spirit took.

Teqi from [TEQNEXT] Teqi's Lounge, was at the party not in porn that I know of but her and her club are quite legendary. I have only been there a few times and never meet her before.

So I was a little surprised when all 5 of these people decided to show up to the same party, maybe they all wanted the ::WS:: Domination Throne? But I wanted to point them out to those that haven't been in porn or maybe SL very long that big names do come to parties, not just newbies!!!
Dirty Little Girl DJ Moonie (Deka Teardrop) did a fantastic job, here are the pics!!!

 Click "Read more" to see the rest!!

Next Party: Saturday's SL PORN Party: Saturday, January 16th at Porn*Stars Sex Club , 1pm to 3pm slt DJ Zoey and 3pm to 5pm DJ Wolfgang will be playing the music!!
Next Hump-day Party: Wednesday January 20th at Porn*Stars Sex Club 1pm to 3pm slt Dirty Little Girl DJ Moonie (Deka Teardrop) will be playing the music.

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