Monday, April 25, 2016

Production Resumes on IGS Season 2

Originally I intended to release webisode 1 of season 2 last Friday, but about 2 months ago I found it important to create wardrobe for season 2 myself.

With several new cast members and some returning ones in need of wardrobe I just decided to create it myself and halted production. Ep 1 & 3  are 90% filmed and one scene in Ep 4. Episode 2 is where the new wardrobe began so that has yet to be film.

I have a difficult time switching from designer to director and back an forth so I find it best just to focus on one at a time, to many ideas flooding me to do both I guess. Although all wardrobe pieces aren't in my store yet they are ready to wear in filming. Last week I also build a large set very central to seasons 2 story!! So now it's time for me to look over notes, get back into director mode and start editing what is filmed and start scheduling what needs to be filmed next week.

So if you're a cast member, lets get ready!!! And if you're a fan June 10th is the release of the 1st Webisode.

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