Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Intergalactic SLUTS Behind the Scenes

The Sets

Season 2 Episode 3

This Episode has 2 sets not counting the desk the captain writes her log from.
The main set was the Diogo ruins, this took a bit of preplanning since Castle Sheschlong sit on that site. Not only did I have to destroy the buildings the best I could I had to add sand drifts as the wind would blow them over time.
Then we had to film everything on that site before I could build the the Castle Sheschlong set.
We filmed episode 3 on Diogo the last week of January. We then began filming episode 1 at Castle Sheschlong the first week of February.

So this episode was the first one filmed for season 2 just a little over 5 months ago. So for the set photos of Diogo I had to use still footage since this set is long gone.

The Block Building and the pit were used the first quarter of the episode

A long pipe was connected to the pit and ran to the lake

The modifiable buildings/hangers were unlinked and set to physical

For some reason the one hanger didn't completely fall, so that became then main set of the 2nd quarter of the episode
The Zeus, was the set for the last thrid of the episode.
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It's a bit large than a shuttle

With Sleeping quarters for 4

A Medical bay

A recreation area

Bathroom with shower


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