Monday, August 22, 2016

Another By Rachel

Rachel has been reminding me it has been 5 years or something like that since we were in a movie or photo together. Well it's been exactly 5 years and 8 days, how do I know? My Scrapbook of course!! It was my 6th movie and just after I released my directorial debut Baby Oil, Pelon was the director of A Lucky Guy & 3 Hotties and also starred TT. I believe Rachel and TT were the first 2 actress I added to my newly formed studio group back then.

Of course I have directed Rachel in some of my movies and we have been in party pictures together, but not in any scenes or edited photos since then. On Thursday I came over and posed with her while she created this great image:
Same Time Next Year; 8-18-2016
This morning it had 1,126 Views, 128 Faves & 10 comments, here on her Flickr; Thank you Rachel!!

A lucky guy & 3 hotties; 8-10-2011

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  1. Thank you Miss Emily it was a pleasure to do the shoot and you are so kind in your comments our friendship goes back a long way and will continue for a long time to come