Sunday, August 12, 2018

I had a little work done on my face!!

Before and after photo!! Which is best??
System head vs. Mesh head!
Before was a bit more glamours & the after looks younger.

I know I held out for a longer time and I thought my system head was pretty darn good.
I kept saying "What makes it better?"
Eventually I succumbed to the idea that I was behind the times.
I felt that I should get Lelutka sense Sandy said they were the best. So I tried the demos and the shapes that came with them. I don't really know why Lelutka needs 8 different heads, it seems that because you can customize you head by move sliders that all heads should be mostly the same. I do kinda wish I understood the difference.

Then I saw Brunella's flickr head shot, where so said she wore the LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE.
I love her look and that inspired me to get the demo, add the demo shape and play with the sliders. I felt I could make a new me with a mesh head.

I showed Sandy she said it was gorgeous and me. So Friday morning I bought the head, and transferred the demo head shape numbers to my normal shape. Then I tweeked it here and there and continue making adjustments just about every time I log in. Today was the first time I took the 2 pictures to compare them.

I wasn't trying to look exactly like the system head. I wanted to look like the system head but even better. I do think the mesh head looks more real, and I will play around with make up to try to get the glamorous look to.

I love the adult animations and kinda sealed the deal for me.


  1. Looks pretty good and mostly identical to me. Mesh head is better in my opinion cause system head is like, well, look at the nose and that says enough. :)

  2. i like new and before ice bur mmm new one i abite nicer on eye i think

  3. Your new head looks great, more natural, and just more lovely. Mesh heads are an improvement, with the possibilities that they bring :)