Friday, November 23, 2018

Black Friday 5 / I Can Fuck You Better 2


It’s that time of year again; people are out fighting in malls for the best deals of the holiday season and I go in search of some BIG black cock to fill my little tight fuck holes.

Well this year is different, you see in the past 12 months I got engage and then married to Stephen "Prince" Darnay,
you know one of the guys in Black Friday 4. My family disowned me, cut me off, took away my Porsch and kicked me out of the mansion, I had no idea what living in squalor was like.

I always thought "Black Friday" was like the "Purge" than one day out of the year you can get away with anything, like killing  your Ex, or in this case openly fuck BBC. The day me and my rich BFF's would go to the hood and give black men the gift of having sex with us. Kinda like serving Thanksgiving diners to homeless people at the mission. I had no idea people actually fought each other over cheap China made merchandise!

I'm not sure if the marriage will last, but if we keep having days like this... well who knows.
So here is how it started, I was at a Black Friday sale, because really that all we can afford and ...
well you know what... just watch the movie!!
STARRING: MissEmily23, Sandy Miggins and Stephen "Prince" Darnay

If the video doesn't play right for you here it can also be seen by using these links:
Naughty Machinima

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