Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Santa's Slaves (The Cursor Movie)


Santa returns to the North Pole after his long night to discover the elves haven't even started on next years presents, instead they been drinking and partying.

They are naughty elves, and you know what naughty girls get!!
STARRING: MissEmily23, Katina Cazalet, SuzyST, Nina String and Larry Vinaver

If the video doesn't play right for you here it can also be seen by using these links:

I hope you enjoyed this webisode, we enjoyed making it!! If you would, Please leave a nice comment below! Thank you.

Day 1 of this was filmed on December 3rd 2018, to be released in 2018. That night I I allowed my computer to do a driver update it had been begging for weeks to do. That update killed my PC!! It wouldn't even turn on for a second and had to be shipped back to Texas for repairs.

I received it back just before New Years and to late to finish this movie for 2018. I was planning on returning my Homestead before Spring which meant the set this movie was filmed in in 2018 had to be removed, so instead of moving it, on March 7th we filmed Day 2.

In the first 2 1/2 months of 2019 I filmed 3 scenes for Intergalactic SLUTS and Day 2 of this movie. I had no intention of editing this movie until December of 2019, so I never looked at it. After the set was removed from my HS, I started editing the 3 scenes for Intergalactic SLUTS. In those video clips I had forgotten to hide the cursor.

When I received my computer back in December. I had to reinstall all my software including Fraps, video recording software. When I set it up I felt like I was forgetting something, I was, I forgot to click the little box that said "Hide Cursor". As panic set in I checked the clips for all 3 scenes and this movie and sure enough the cursor was showing on them all.

With the Intergalactic SLUTS scenes being released before this Christmas movie. We re-shot all 3 scenes right away, while there sets were still up.

I debated what to do with Day 2 of this movie, forget about it like it never happened or re-shoot on an replicated set. Finally I decide to just edit what I shot and take the lumps for the mistake.

This gives you a unique look behind the scenes, let me explain.
Most of you don't know there are 2 ways to film "depth of field" (DOF). One way is to hold ALT + left click what you want to focus on, I did that for years. The other is using "Fly Cam" and whatever your cursor touches becomes the focal point of DOF. You will see that done both ways in this movie.

The ALT + left click method is done mostly when the camera is in a fixed position.
"Fly Cam" is when the camera is moving, but can also be used in a fixed position where you want the camera to focus on multiple subject not at the same depth for example when a pussy is close up and her moaning face is say a meter way. You can place your cursor on her pussy and then move it to her face to bring that into focus without moving the camera.

So if the cursor seems to annoying on the object of focus it is for a reason, not just me being a perv and trying touch things!!

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