Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 1, Letter home from the North Pole,

Dear, Mom and Daddy

As you know, in the video we made: Santa Claus is Cumming, and posted on www.slporntube.com for you to see. There really is a Santa Claus, and sense we made him so happy, he brought us back to the North Pole with him. Some people called it “kidnapping”, but it wasn’t, Naughty (Linda) really likes being tied up and gagged like that!!
Anyway I thought I would tell you what we been up to while here, so here are some pictures:

Day 1,
When we first arrived we met some strange characters. We received these really hot little outfits, that no one else wears anything like them; we’re Santa’s Special Helpers!!

This Penguin was the first one we met!! And here I thought Penguins are only at the South Pole.

Penguin Greeter

Then there were these kind of creepy looking elves. They acted like the never seen human women before. I don’t think they get out much and all have lumps in their pants, like daddy does in the morning!

Then this Polar Bear family. They said this stuff about icecaps melting was bear shit, they said they would adapt if it did, I mean look they were wearing clothes and everything, much more sophisticated than most give them credit for.
The bears said to “Make ourselves at home”. So that is what we did, naked, just like home.
It was kind of cold though, my nipple were so hard.
A few minutes later they came back and said that wasn’t what they meant, told us to put our clothes back on and we should try to help out around the North Pole.

 So we asked what they thought we should do, and they said they always need help in the reindeer barn and said shit keeps piling up there.

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