Saturday, December 10, 2011

Free Photography Studio & Mall at MC

FREE Photography Studio & Mall at MC 
FREE PHOTO STUDIO: N30, photoLife, CWS,Photoshpere + 500 Female poses, + 500 Male poses, couple poses + 2000 backdrops, + 150 props (as listed in S.L. search) Free Photo studio with a attractive shopping mall.
This description definitely needs updated!! There are loads of single studios with some hot poses and props!!


What I find the true Gem is there main studio; it has two floors in a warehouse style building but set out very attractively. The studio is jam packed with poses, props, back drops and spheres, basically hundreds of mini studios under one roof!!

Some of my favorite props are those that you can pose in to be part of a picture IE, a television, a picture frame in a picture, bubbles, it seems like there are endless ideas and possibilities for the hobbyist!!
This is a gem for those that are experienced and non experienced photographers. Anyone can make a hot profile picture to a photo shoot here at no cost!!
This is definitely a favorite place of mine to visit!!

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