Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 4

 Today we worked in the North Pole Post Office; they get so much mail here! Guess not so many Email as you would think.

Santa was in there when we reported for duty. The elves were excited to see us.

The first thing Santa had us suck his cock and he came all over us. Lots of cum for an old guy!

  Lots of cum for an old guy!

Our outfits were all messy so we changed into the shirts we wore up here. The next thing we knew, the elves were on top of us, filling every hole they could find and cumming all over us!

 They even keep score of how many times we each orgasm.

We got naked, cleaned up and came back for further instructions.

We listened while they told us what to do. Santa kept an eye on us the whole time

There is so much mail there, but we help as best we could. Santa was perving naughty

She was flirting right back. We got a peek at Santa’s list.

I’m on it and marked as Nice! Lil is on it too, but I think it’s because of her cock sucking skills.

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