Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 5, Letter home from the North Pole,

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Dear mom and Daddy,

  Last night before bed, we hooked up with Santa again, made this video: Santa’s Pole and posted it on for you to see what fun we’re having.

Today we went to Elf Comm Central. We thought they misspelled Cum so you can imagine our surprise when we walked in the door and found a bunch of computers.
Our outfits were cleaned over night and Linda looked so hott.

They had us sit and watch monitors. I felt like someone was watching me.

The monitors Spied on everyone all over the world. Linda sat next to me and did the same.

It was a lot to take in, and again felt like someone was watching our every move.

We tried to learn, it was so confusing.
 More after the page break (naked pictures)

The elves suggest we get comfortable and relax, so we did. One said I could lay on this strange table, so I did.

I took a little nap, had a creepy feeling I was being watched, they were gathering near me when I woke.

Then the elves decided we needed more educating, so they had us watch what they did

Then they had us go back to our places, watching the world.
The “naughty” adults, some are very naughty and made us horny!!

 Too be continued............

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