Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 9, Letters home from the North Pole (last one)

Last night while the male helpers were rushing to get ready for Christmas Eve, good thing they are amped up on sugar!! We got together with some of the female elves and had some naughty fun out in the woods; we made this movie to show you, Christmas Lesbian Orgy.
The last shift was fast asleep when we got up.
So we put on some clothes and took a look around.
There is so many of them, and snoring!!

They stank too. I posed by one for a picture.

Ginger bread man was going to attack Linda. We ran and found Santa’s bed

Nice big bed, so we jumped on it!

 Linda said “Let’s get naked in here.” So we did!

Look at all his suits and lots of red!!

Lots of boots too. We got dress and went back out where the elves slept, and though of something naughty to do to them.

Get naked and have sex with them, sure is lots of them.

I took one side, Linda took the other

 They sure did cum a lot.

 And were fast asleep as soon as they were done.

 Leaving us cover in cum.

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