Saturday, December 31, 2011

Second life’s Best Studio

We would like to thank all of these fine Actresses and Actors that participated in our Em & Lil film productions and making our studio the best in Second life. We love working with the experience actresses and actors as well as the fresh faces.
We understand that many people on Second Life have dreams of becoming SL porn stars and we try to facilitate that dream the best we can.

Here are the 20 Actresses and 17 Actors we worked with in 2011:
Actresses                                                            Actors
TT (3)                                                                 RavenmanSkwer (2)
HannahsSerenity                                                 Parkur (3)          
Jazzmyn                                                             Pump Action (2)
Quinn Ying (3)                                                     Wolf (5)
Tyler St Taylor (2)                                                 Lexington Ballinger (3)
Arwen  Juneberry (2)                                             Jinx Jiersen
Serenity Juneberry (2)                                          Scooby Mode
Kirsten Smith                                                      Taz Rainfall
Ayara Illios (4)                                                     Alex Latino
Safire                                                                  Lestat Draconia (5)
Sinala                                                                  Razz
 Elisen Skytower                                                  Thorgal McGilivary
Adayra Rebfield                                                   VanHelsing Svoboda (2)
Nikki Luv                                                            Hunter Sorrelwood
Chris Atolia                                                         Morpheous Shelmen
Charli Forsythe                                                    Keith Nyn
Rache                                                                 Jamezz Doulton
Willow Onskan

We shot our first scene on August 7th 2011 and released Baby Oil on August 10th 2011.
4 months and 21 days later and we have 26 movies release from Em & Lil Studios and still going strong with many new ideas. Our blog is doing fantastically and in 2012 we plan to get even more people involve with adding to our blog a weekly pictorial (or 2) to go with our weekly film release and movie stills. Also on our weekend post we try to be informative with “Must Buy of the Week”, product reviews and shoot locations spotlights.

If you have a product you would like us to review, or a location you think we should explore, please send us that product or a land mark to the location.

We are very happy with and proud of the things we have accomplished in 2011 and excited about the things we have planned for 2012!!

Thank you all,
Emily & Linda

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