Saturday, December 17, 2011


Must Buy of the Week

Ok, to follow up on today's earlier post.
Linda and I went to TNT and met with Torix Jameson, TNT Corporation's CEO.

He approved of the earlier post.
Emily: did you look at the blog post?
Torix Jameson: looking now
Torix Jameson: thats really nice !!
Torix Jameson: im really happy you did that
Torix Jameson: you gave your honest opinion and showed lots of good images

Emily: Thank you
Torix Jameson: ( should have asked for those images lol) theya re TM protected but you have my aproval to use them there
Torix Jameson: great stuff 

Emily: Ok 
He was Extremely helpful.
I couldn't find cunnilingus in the main menu of the lesbian engine we tested and he explained it was under the Strap-On heading. Not where I would of expected to find it, but just like anything new it takes a little bit of time to learn  56 menus and 491 animations.

Oh, I was also happy to find they had put the new engine in rugs too.
Like I said he was Extremely helpful and we bought a rug!!

Torix Jameson: TY :) and update that blog lol tell them you got one already  !!!
Torix Jameson: haha

Emily: LOL
Emily: I'll add pictures of us using it
Torix Jameson: :P

And of course we did!!!!



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