Saturday, December 10, 2011


Must Buy of the Week

I stopped in to X-clusives Animations yesterday and found some real gems I want to share!!
First off if you have shopped for a sculpted Christmas tree with lights you know they run around L$100
Well they (X-clusives Animations) have this one for L$60 and if that wasn't enough it has a sex menu with some other romantic goodies in it. That's right a regularly priced L$1,000 tree for L$60 makes it a Must Buy of the Week!


So I bought one and put it in the club (stop in and play with it if you like).

Next while shopping around I found this!!!

Regularly Sold for L$1,000 (as you can see) is selling for L$10! That's right L$10
You can't upload a picture or texture to SL for less then L$10!! But you can get this Chaise for L$10
It has 19 menus & 66 animations, which makes it a Must Buy of the Week!

In our house on our X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS - Oriental Sky Chaise Bed
I don't know how long these 2 items will be around so I would hurry to get them!! 
L$2,000 worth of produces for L$70

See the rest of our Must Buys of the Week, HERE

*Note; If you run across and item you think I should buy (or want to give me to try out) leave me a comment in this box (comment on this post) And a link to the item or a way to get a hold of you!!

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