Monday, January 16, 2012

Notice Privileges Revoked

Due to unknown reasons, Em & Lil Studios (Emily & Linda) no longer have notice privileges in ***The Pornstars*** group. I feel obligated to our fans and the people that have worked hard on these projects, to promote them to the best of my ability. We didn't put the time and effort into these projects to have them closeted and never seen. We will use other groups to notify you of your pictorials and movies releases.

We have also been removed from Emmanuelle Jameson’s, Serenity and Arwen’s  “Blogs to Watch” List. I have contacted Serenity and was told that I made Emmanuelle unhappy and angered, but she would not tell me why. I have contacted Emmanuelle, but she only said she was busy.

I considered both friends, but with neither telling how Emmanuelle was offended I can only speculate. The removal happened on Sunday so best guess would be something I posted on this blog on Saturday (but that is only speculation). Perhaps it had something to do with our 26 movies and countless pictorials or the 37 individuals we cast in our movies. Maybe she felt threatened by us, I don’t know.

I always considered Emmanuelle’s blog to be the Entertainment Tonight (High rated tabloid TV) of SL porn world, covering just about everything that goes on in the SL Porn industry. And the group ***The Pornstars*** to be the focal group for posting notices of movies, pictures and casting calls. BUT if our studio is going to be discriminated against, for the unknown reason, it appears to be bias group that would rather promote one studio or person over another.

None the less, business as usual just a minor bump in the road. That is the past, looking to the future.

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