Saturday, January 21, 2012

Designer Prims - City Dweller Skybox, Skyhome, Apartment, Freebie

Must Buy of the Week

This must buy isn't a buy at all, it's a freebie. L$0
Emily in City Dweller Skybox
 I am always looking for the best studio sets for a low price, and this is one. Hard to beat free L$0.
This Skybox has numerous textures built in.
8 Window textures
3 Ceiling textures
10 Floor textures
9 Wall textures 
So the skybox (movie set) can be used multiple times and have a different look each time.

Click "Read more" for more details.
The only draw back to this Skybox is 67 Prims, but if that's not a problem this is a "Must Buy"
Picture from MarketPlace

For more details
Link: City Dweller Skybox

* NOTE , The back drop seen out side the window in my pictures was my creation and doesn't come with the Skybox.

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