Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hump-day Party (Pictures) Part 2

We had another great party, the place was packed!!

Linda and I both shoot some pictures, I had some lag issues while turning my camera. So I thank her for taking some while I was freezing up!!
These are mine, (her's posted yesterday)
Scooby whipped out his cock (he found it)
That reminded me of this picture

TT, Cheri, Psycho Solari, Moonie & Moonie's slave

Grim & Mercedes

Wolf, Kyra & (back of) Pussie Galore

Grey Scooby Mode

Sir Flandor Xixran & Aurelia Spermia

CeCe Luminos & non grey Scooby

Kukla & Jamezz
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 Our regular Hump-day Party will be next Wednesday Feb. 8th  1 to 3pm slt (as usual) Moonie will DJ (as usual), Hope to see you there!!

I have also talked to Candi and as I understand it we will be hosting the ***The Pornstars*** group,  Friday party (unless someone higher up pulls the plug on it). I think the time is 1 to 3pm slt. I will have more info as the day gets closer.


  1. You host some fun parties!! Keep up the good work!!