Monday, February 13, 2012

2011 Em~n~ Lil Awards, Best Supporting Actor

 The nominees for Best Supporting Actor  are:

Alex Latino
 Alex starred in: Bungalow Massage

Lestat Draconia
 Lestat starred in: Em & Lil Studio Group Orgy #2, Use my Slave, Santa's Naughty Helpers, The Fuckatorium & New Year's Eve

Lexington Ballinger
Lexington starred in: Sunset Foursome, Em & Lil Studio Group Orgy #2 & The Fuckatorium

Thorgal McGillivary
 Thorgal starred in: Santa Claus is Cumming

VanHelsing Svoboda
VanHelsing starred in: Santa's Pole & New Year's Eve

WOLF starred in: Group Orgy, Wolf in Me, Australian Vacation, The Fuckatorium & New Year's Eve.

* 6 are selected because the best actor will not be eligible in this category.

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