Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The beach story HOOBS HOTTIES

Pictorial By: Kittyinda Henhouse

Candy did a fantastic job with these pictures!! 

For the complete photo shoot and the cute story Candy wrote to go with it go here:

A little side note, Candy had contacted us the prior day and we set up a time for the shoot. Zoey and I finished shooting a movie scene so had some time before this shoot with Candy, so we were... on a couch cuddling when Candy was ready for us.
So we came as we were not knowing the setting or what to wear for the shoot. Candy liked what we had on, or what little we had on, and didn't have us change anything. That explains why we were wearing stockings and heels at the beach (in case you were wondering)!

This isn't all the pictures to see the rest go to either Hoobs Hotties blog or to Kittyinda Henhouse's flickr to see the full shoot.

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