Monday, February 11, 2013

2012 Miss Emily's Studio Awards, Best Actor

The nominees for Best  Actor are:
Dain Shackleton
 Dain Shackleton starred in: Bama Bar 2, Lucky Guys & Autumn Barbeque

Jeremy Winsmore
Jeremy Winsmore starred in: Bama Bar 2, Lucky GuysHalloween 3, Return of the Dead  &  Orgy, New Year’s Eve 2012

Grim (luther.blackburn) 
 Grim (luther.blackburn) starred in: Desert Travellers , BAD School Girls, Start of the Day  &
BAD School Girls, After School

TexasRob McRae (texasrob) 
 TexasRob starred in:  Blow Job at the North Pole , Make Me Gag Santa   & Wishing for Santa

Scooby Mode

Scooby Mode starred in: 3am, What Really Happens., Angels, Scooby Mode, BAD School Girls, Midday & Halloween 1, Fresh Meat

Second Life Porn Star Awards, Miss Emily's Studio (nominees)

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