Thursday, February 14, 2013

2012 Miss Emily's Studio Awards, Best Movie

The nominees for Best Movie of the YEAR are:
Angels, Scooby Mode
STARRING: Em & Lil, Scooby Mode

BAD School Girls, Detention
 STARRING: Liltxsmile, MissEmily23, Raelin Jestyr, Elisen Skytower, Sunny Dayz, Janisen  & CC Anton

Black Friday
STARRING: MissEmily23, DaCocky & Max Steel

STARRING: Emily, Charlie Blackheart, Hot Rob, Drake

Halloween 3, Return of the Dead
STARRING: Em & Zoey, Vanhelsing Svoboda, Jeremy Winsmore & Xxjugulatorxx Foxclaw

Second Life Porn Star Awards, Miss Emily's Studio (nominees)

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