Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thank You

Fantastic Party!!!

Party pictures will be posted tomorrow.
I want to especially thank Zoey, Zaria & Jamezz for yesterday!!! I also want to thank those that sent me private messages, they meant a lot to me and it easy telling who my true friends are.

There are some days I just want to say "the hell with it all" and just not talk to anyone, hear what anyone has to say or care what anyone thinks. Then there are days like yesterday when I get so much love and support, it makes me happy to have such friends, it's quite overwhelming!! If I seemed quiet it was because I was overwhelmed by all the attention.

Also want to thank everyone that came to the party, especially those that don't normally come to the weekly hump-day party.

While I'm at it, by the time this post is posted hopefully the August issues of Busted Magazine will be out, which someplace in there should have a pictorial of Zoey take by Graham. So Wohoo Zoey!! :)

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  1. Your very welcome and Congrats on 100 movies..and Thank you for being supportive and helpful .. And for being you helping others and always willing be there for people