Monday, September 9, 2013

Actresses and Actors of the first 100 Movies I Directed

Without them I couldn't make movies!!!

This is what I am proudest of!!! Being a director I feel an obligation to use actresses and actors, new and experienced!! Get them into movies they can be proud to say they were in!!
Sure it would be easy to make solo movies, make movies just with my lover or make movies with only a couple dozen close friends, but how boring would that be????

At one time I was told "You play favorites, it's not fair to the rest of us!" Oh really???
On the contrary I think this actress wanted me to play favorites and put her in more movies than I did!!! Well that wasn't the only time I heard complaints about not using people enough, as if I am the only director on SL that would cast them.

In any case I would like to thank the following list of Actresses and Actors for starring in the first 100 movies I directed!! (It's a BIG list, sorry if I forgot someone)

Please click "Read more" to see this HUGE list!!


Liltxsmile (36)
TT (3)                                                 
Jazzmyn  (2)                                           
Quinn Ying (3)                                               
Tyler St Taylor (2)                              
Arwen  Juneberry (2)                         
Serenity Juneberry (2)                        
Kirsten Smith                                     
Ayara Illios (4)                                               
Elisen Skytower (4)                               
Adayra Rebfield                                            
Nikki Luv                                           
Chris Atolia (3)                                       
Charli Forsythe                                              
Willow Onskan
RachelXstacy (3)
Cheri Collazo
Teenah Demina (2)
Keeley  Snowfall
Bottoms Up Zuma
Moonie Teardrop
Jasmine Skyward
Raelin Jestyr (7)
Sunny Dayz (4)
Widget (5)
CC Anton (3)
Gauge Deed
Eva Brunswick
Charlie Blackheart (2)
Kaycee Marshdevil (2)
Zoey Winsmore (30)
Samantha28 Magic (2)
Julie Debs
Breeana Presley
LouSL (5)
Talhya Sieyes
Wet Macbeth (2)
Nicole (NorthGAPeach) (2)
Moya Moyet
Kaci Blackrain
Stacie Swords (2)
Ivori Faith
Rhiannon Skinstad
Egle Burt
KandyyKane (3)
Chloe Deimatov  (4)
Elikapekaethereal (3)
Bell Genira
Marika Svenson (2)
Kandy Starship (2)
xMariaAmorx (5)
Deirdre Paulino
Evinae (3)
Addison 40 
Casey Tisane
Ansariel Hiller
Evangeline Laurent
ElenaMicheals Core
Lea juneberry
April (Annyssa)
Janet Gartner
Yana Garu (2)
Giselle Bonham
Thiffany Ansar
Shae Bellambi (2)
Zaria Velde (3)
Precious Blanco
Ashlynn Jameson
Katty Pegasi
Erika Thorkveld


RavenmanSkwer (2)
Parkur (3)       
Pump Action (2)
Wolf (5)
Lexington Ballinger (3)
Jinx Jiersen
Scooby Mode (6)
Taz Rainfall
Alex Latino
Lestat Draconia (5)
Thorgal McGilivary (2)
VanHelsing Svoboda (4)
Hunter Sorrelwood (2)
Morpheous Shelmen
Keith Nyn
Jamezz Doulton (4)
Keith Nyn (2)
Luther Blackburn (3)
Psycho Solari
TaskManager (2)
Kain Flux    
Khalid Dubrovna
Stefan Maldor (3)
Torrey Hotchester
Hot Rob
Drake (2)
Jack Buzzard
Dain Shackleton  (2)
Jeremy Winsmore (4)
Xxjugulatorxx Foxclaw
Graham Collinson (3)
Max Steel (2)
Texas Rob (3)
Bud Solo (4)
PolarB Fhang
Mr. Kirk Gamba (2)
DaCocky (Quise Radius)
Andreas Datura
Graham Colloinson
Caslan Storm (Logan Oleary) (3)
Joe Sylvester
Charmer Dreadlow
Devon Bungie
Dean (Xelafaux) (4)
HunterRose Xenno (2)
Edvard Taurion
Dominic Dawes
Dia (masterdiabolique)
Andrian Sands
Woozer Paule
DarkAngel Marenwolf

83 Actresses in 184 Roles (numbers don't include me or the 90 times I appeared in my movies)
55 Actors in 109 Roles  
So I would like to thank these 138 people for being apart of the first 100 movies I directed!!! 
(that's a lot of people I had sex with in movies)


  1. Thank *you* Em! It's been a pleasure to have sex with you, even only once. *giggles*

  2. Thank you Em, from myself and Kirk this is a huge achievement. You made so much to make everyone happy, I deserve you the best. Huge tight hugs!