Saturday, February 8, 2014

The 3rd Annual 2014 Miss Emily’s Studio Awards

Awards Ceremony

This year’s awards ceremony will be held  12:00 noon slt, Saturday, February 15th, 2014 at our brand new venue built just for these awards!!

Emily & Zoey will host this black tie / evening gown event (yes we’re telling you to dress up for once instead of Woo.. Get Naked!). The Golden Cocks will be awarded at this time for the 14 categories. Please be prompt so we can get started as soon as possible. Everyone is invited whether you’re nominated, in Miss Emily’s Studio group or just want to see what happens and have a good time.  
Not everyone will be pleased with the outcome of the awards, but keep in mind this is in no way intended to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings; it is to acknowledge the accomplishment of the 69 actresses and 44 actors that took part in the 34 films produced by Miss Emily’s Studio in 2013.
Some may find this whole thing idiotic, but I see no harm in acknowledge the work of these fine actresses and actors. This is Second Life, so have fun.

The Miss Emily’s Studio Awards (Golden Cocks) have come along ways in 3 years!! Liltxsmile and I started these awards because we knew would could never win a Sexiest Award, yet we wanted to acknowledge The fine actresses and actors we had worked with in 26 movies that year!! It was a way to give pats on the back but at the same time not to be take seriously enough to offend anyone. Unfortuneatly some people were offended and this put in motion a chain of event that has made SL Porn what it is today (for better or worse).

Infact we took ourselfs so unseriously that we didn't even host an awards ceremony, we didn't think anyone would come if we did!! So instead we announced the winners on this blog, took some goofy pictures of what we did with awards (see below) and dropped them in mail boxes.
 Click "Read more" to see the rest!!

 The second year Zoey and I could tell the awards were being taken a bit more seriously, that year I released 47 movies and we held an awards ceremony in our office. We again weren't sure if anyone would show up so we were pleasantly surprised when 15 to 20 people did!!
This year the Second Life Porn Star Awards, Miss Emily's Studio  post has received the most views of all time on the blog doubling the views for the post in 2nd place behind it. Along with that the category nominee posts have had a large number of views themselves!! For those reasons I decided to build a venue just for these and future awards ceremony and the party that will then follow!! I would show picture of it but it's still under construction!!

In any case everyone is welcome to come, just follow the dress code, there should be plenty of room for everyone!!!
12:00 noon slt, Saturday, February 15th, 2014

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