Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sandy's Lesbian Anal Pool Party

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Sandy is a dirty woman, she invites 3 of her friends over for a pool party, gets them all naked and then watches them lick each other! When they are finished she demands anal and gives each a strap-on to take turns fucking her ass!! Finishing with sucking her ass juices off the last dong!!! Like OMG!!! This movie is Filthy Good!!!

Starring:  Sandy Miggins, Vixeee, Cherish & MissEmily

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  1. The shots were hot but the sound track is just so unbeliveable!!!..... I dont think I have ever heard any of the women enjoying themselves so much and not to mention CHERISH moaning from the total pleasure was just driving me insane...... I can still hear her moaning in my head!!.........What !! What do you mean there isn't any sound track !!!...

    1. Of course there is a sound track, but on the movie!!!

  2. OMG Completely hot and yummy....laughs at Doc