Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Header picture for a new Month

I have this studio but as most of you know my main focus is on movie making occasionally I take some pictures and do my best to edit them. Some I really like and some are just average. I know I'm not one of the best photographers so when someone takes a picture I love, I'm not afraid to say it or in this case use it as the header for my blog.
When one morning I came on earlier then usual Marika Blaisdale asked me to pose for a picture and answer some questions. I NEVER expected to be on the cover, have so many pictures and have such intelligent question. Especially when she said "Ok, so this is all for today. Next issue will be out tomorrow, probably when you wake up it'd be ready, but we'll see.".  I figured I was just "filler", you know. "I'm 2 pages short of my goal lets find someone to fill 2 pages." Which I was perfectly fine with if that was the case, I don't need to be the center of attention and am happy to help out where I can. But this turn out fantastic!!! take a look!! Thank you Marika!!

And yes I asked her permission to use the picture, and she emailed it to me!

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