Friday, March 20, 2015

Legs Wide Spread Chapter 3.5

Movie Stills

This is it the end of Legs Wide Spread Part 1, yes Part 2 was planned for 2015 but that might get pushed to 2016 or 2017

In Legs Wide Spread, The Motion Picture  we see Mandy stand up for Dr. Harford and later we see she O.D. and in the morgue, this is how she got there!! We also see Nick Nightingale taken away after it's discovered he told Dr. Harford about the secret party. Victor reassures Dr. Harford that nothing happened to Nick, but here we see what did happen to him.

STARRING: Charles Parker, Kelli Kristan, Crow, Sil and G

Filmed in October 2014 & the last 2  1/2 minutes in March 2015

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