Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween Week 2015

So you know how this time every year the the old horror movies are drug out and dusted off and reshow? Well I made 5 movies for Halloween and will cap the week off with the most gruesome and talked about episode of Intergalactic SLUTS yet!!

This episode might be the most controversial and down right disgusting Second Life porn made, but it sure won't be forgotten (scared for life probably) but not forgotten!!

So lets start off with a movie made in 2012 and the 1st of 4.

Halloween 1, Fresh Meat 


Zoey  & Emily are interrupted/alerted to someone in the area. The women spring in to action, Zoey jumps on her broom and chase noob Scooby through the woods to the mansion where Emily waits for him.  She offers him a drink which transforms him in to a full size man. Dazed and confused they suck and fuck the cum/life right out of him, feeding there need.

Starring:  Zoey Winsmore, MissEmily23 & Scooby Mode.

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