Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Degradation of Kei

So I never knew much about Kei (haven't even interviewed her) but always thought of her as someone sweet, mostly innocent and on the good girl side of porn... until last Saturday!!

Last Saturday she seemed to of logged back in at the party a fair bit after most everyone had left, The Chaingang and I were on the platform dancing when I decided to see if she had a collar on,and did so before she TPed away to wherever she goes. To my surprise she not only had a collar on but one RLV inabled.

So I put my leash on her and pulled her to the platform (we don't like to use the word "abducted") where she strip and I shoved her head between Sev's thighs... and she liked it. So after I found out she had a taste for pussy, I decided to condition her (we don't like to use the word "Brain washed") and I knew if we could get an orgasm out of her she would become a readily member of The Chaingang.

I was going to use these photos to blackmail her, but didn't need to, she was happily being a filthy slut on her own!! She still has a few more trials to go through one of which is having sex with anyone I point her to without hesitation. So if you see her at one of my parties leashed or chained up and you want to have sex with her... just ask!! Same goes for all The Chaingang sex toy's they are all here to please and be used like the filthy sluts they are!!

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