Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Attention Set

Photos By: Nica & Kei

So forever and a day ago at a party far far away, on The World Famous Porn*Stars Beach, Sponsored by MP Noir, Athena asked me to do an interview for Attention magazine and I said, "Sure if you lick me while I answer questions!!"
Well Athena got exclusive with Jon and I guess that meant she couldn't lick me anymore so I agreed to answer Brunella's questions without licking!!! I wanted the lick because I have done many interviews and even written my mind here a bunch of times. I wanted to see how the licking would effect my answers, I mean if she was good!! 

I always feel I give way to long of answers and always say "Blah blah blah back in the day." and "Blah blah blah back now a days." like some grandma rehashing her life during The Great Ressession or something. That or ramble on about movie making and how much harder it is than pictures, well it is!! So perhaps with the proper emote licking on Athena's part I could have given some CRAZY answers that even Donald Trump would be embarrassed he said and everyone would have rushed to read my interview!!! But of course that didn't happen!! My interview is still pretty fantastic thanks to Brunella and me, but nothing embarrassing!!!

So I went to do this shoot for Attention magazine to go along with the noncunnilingus interview, don't you love when I throw in big naughty words? by Brunella. I guess Kei must have heard about Athena reneging on the cunnilingus, I mean it was all everyone was talking about the 20 or so times I brought it up. And Kei must of decided to do her part for Attention magazine and give me some cunnilingus!! That or she just wanted to taste my honey, I don't know you would have to ask her!! In fact until I put this post together I didn't realize she spent so much time down there licking and fondling me!!!

 Ok I'm being sarcastic!! Not really.

So if you would like to see that interview and the other stuff in the August issue of Attention magazine here are some links: http://www.attentionmagazine-secondlife.com/ or  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Attention-Magazine-Aug-16-v2/9642167

By the way I'm done with Attention Magazine and I'm sure they are done with Miss Emily!!

Here are the fantastic photos taken by Nica and edited by Kei!!
I love how my hair looks in these, I had no idea it looked so good, hair is by Dela!!!
Dela if you want to sponsor us some hair, leave a comment or IM me in world!!!
If anyone else wants to do some sponsoring, I know there is a lot and I  just don't like taking the time to negotiate, I'm up for it now!! Sponsors can be good and I love showing off great new products!!

Thank You Nica and Kei for these!!!

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