Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Picked up for a 3rd Season

 It's official 

Intergalactic SLUTS  will begin airing it's 3rd season in June of 2017!! Shooting will start in February 2017, with the season 3 premier tentatively scheduled for June 2nd 2017. Each Webisode will be released 2 weeks apart putting the season finally on October 6th 2017.
I tried this year to put them 2 weeks apart but I decided to try wardrobing some of the cast for this season and that pushed production back along with a few RL things slowing me a bit.

All of season 3 will be filmed in Second Life! We have been hearing for years about Project Sansar is coming, well I have faith that it will sometime, but I also have faith we can get Season 3 done before everyone moves to it.

There is a thought about Season 4
That would probably be filming in Project Sansar, but who knows any of that forsure. We haven't seen Project Sansar yet and don't know much about it other than "It will be GREAT". I hope it is and I hope we can make even better movies in it!!!

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