Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Main Cast Members

Intergalactic SLUTS

I get pretty stingy about the opening credits, it's a hard balance between Star Trek and Game of Thrones. We started with a main cast of 7 (just like Star Trek) but to be like Game of Thrones we needed to expand I currently have 11 people in the main cast and opening credits 

Original Cast: 
Emily (MissEmily23) 
Sandy (Sandonna Miggins)
Zoey Winsmore
Erin Cedarbridge
Anyka Aiseiri (Camron McMahon)
Cream Release
Racheal Rexen  

We then added:
Katina Cazalet
Marika Blaisdale
Zuby Gloom(Zubaida Naidoo)

Then this year :
Brea Brianna 

Returning as main cast members this year will be:
Larry Vinaver
Ali Lancrae
Amia Jordan
Damien Godard 

In Season 2 so far we have added 28 new cast member, with plans for several more.
The criteria for main cast and opening credits to me has been, they must have a main role with sex scenes and they must be in 4 webisodes or more.

The new main cast members for season 2 will be:

Severina (Lanisonia)
Arienne Evangeline (Eonya)
Kayla Bombastic

Congratulations ladies!!!

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