Sunday, January 15, 2017

Casting Call!

Thursday January 19th at 1 to 3pm SLT.

This is an "open" casting anyone can come as long as they have a humanoid Avi!!
Although dead or current cast members on different story lines should be in disguise or not come. 

In the story line the shoot will take place in the Waleias Pub. (seen here in webisode 7)

The scene is a crowded pub full of strippers and escorts having sex with patrons all over the pub, the landing party from the Intergalactic SLUTS arrives and joins in. In the past I have had a hard tune with a large cast shoot because my cumputer would freeze up in the crowd and frame rate would drop below 5 fps.

My new cumputer seems to handle parties very well and this scene is much like a party with the exception of most everyone naked and fucking.


Waleias is a planet much like Earth at the turn of the 18th century only the people know they are not alone in their galaxy and accept that visitors come from other planets, like tourist when Cuba reopened.

Clothing in 1775 to 1825 period I expect to be gypsy or pirate like, as for visitors from other planets, the sky's the limit in a sense, but keep in mind this is a porn series and I want you all to be hot /sexy!

Please DO NOT COME AS: a Star Wars, Star Trek or Battle Star Galactic character!! I know you think it would be cute but it's not! This is an original series.
Please DO NOT COME AS: a Werewolf, furry, animal, super hero or vampire!! Yes the sky's the limit but come on, I really don't want earth references or extremely big avis that can't move in the room or work on sex animations.

Moonie here did a great job with her look for the series, originally I wasn't thrilled with the look but it is a pretty ingenious idea. Also we have neko's and shemales as a regular part of the series so those are acceptable looks. Or you can just come naked, that won't be a problem.

Tattoos & Jewelry are fine, just no earthly references, religious symbols or words.

Please no Noobs without AO's even if they are 2 years on!!

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