Thursday, January 19, 2017

Open Movie Shoot!!

You don't see it often so take advantage of it!!!

That's right for one of the scenes in Meshehd, Intergalactic SLUTS S2E8 were doing a shoot in 1800 style pub. The landing party of the Intergalactic SLUTS while looking for One-eyed Larry enters the pub to see the wildest sex scene ever!!! Or something like that depending on the turn out.

Thursday January 19th at 1 to 3pm SLT.

A shoot like this works like this (trust me I have done this before), at 1pm I will start placing people, I call your name and tell you where to stand or what ball to get on. Strangely enough this takes nearly 1 hour to do. Once everyone is in place I will shoot the entire area and get the best angles and shoots I can. Then I will shoot the landing party entering the pub, walking is involved so several takes will be done to hide the mishaps in walking (20 minutes) I will shoot the Pub again with the landing party in the pub (10 minutes) and then I will change most everyone's pose and get the landing party into the action (20 minutes) and if we have time go for a 3rd pose!! 

I want to stop at 3pm slt.  If  don't I'll have way to much filmed for a limited time span in the episode.
This is only the 3rd shoot of season 2 that has been filmed at this time, all the other IGS S2 shoot have been late night 11pm to 1am slt, and the first "open" shoot of the series. So if your thinking "I'll get the next one." there might not be a next one!

For more details check this post: Casting Call! 

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