Monday, January 2, 2017

Second life’s Best Studio

Year in Reflection

I almost forgot to do this!!! Every year at this time I take the time to look back at the year ending and a little look forward to the year to come. Usually I list the names of over 100 people that took part in a Miss Emily production, this years list will be far smaller but just as important!!

2016 was kind of a scatter brain year. I spent the first couple months on clothing and then decided to make wardrobe for Intergalactic SLUTS which took me a couple more months and set back the production of Intergalactic SLUTS a couple months. Once I fell behind I decided to do 2 holiday movies, which I love to do.

I hate to say Intergalactic SLUTS has become boring more like so big it takes me 4 weeks just to do 1 webisode. Each webisode I try to do something technically different and more challenging which has increased the production time from 3weeks to 4. I need to rein that in and be able to create something new and still only take 3 weeks to produce each webisode. I'll get it figured out.

I bought a Alienware computer and updated editing software so  the quality should be upper tier on that part of it. Which means I can shoot the scenes I want and not the ones my old computer would handle. Maybe you have to be a director to understand that one,  but when your FPS get low you have to give up graphic quality to not have a stuttering scene or even lessen the number of people in the scene to not be as laggy.

In 2013 I had 113 cast members, in 2014 I had 128 cast members, in 2015 I had 41 cast members.

So of the 9 movies/webisodes here are the Miss Emily's Studio 2016; 50 cast members!!
Actresses (30)
Sandy Miggins (7)
Anyka Aiseiri (4)
Cream Release  (4)
Zuby Gloom  (4)
Katina Cazalet (7)
Candy Kane (3)
Moonie (3)
Kei Frequency (3)
Brunella (3) 
Zoey Winsmore (4)
Erin Cedarbridge (2)
Racheal Rexen (4)
Ali Fox 

MissEmily23 (6)
Brea Brianna (5)
Sєνєяíη (5)
Arienne Evangeline (5)
Jezzi Mornington
Crystal "Mera" Diabolite (3)
RachelChristine Avro (3)
Parthenea (2)
Vicki Concertina (2)
Kayla Bombastic (2) 
Biarzenne Necro-Capilini
Monique LeFry (2)
Ali Lancrea
Amia Jordan (2) 

Shemales (7)
Marika Blaisdale (5) 
Katrinova (3)
Kymberly Davied 
Traci Quandry (3)
Alisa Bedwell  (2)
Heather Ashford

Actors (13) 
Lethal Fireguard
ScottR07 (2) 
Sirenpetal Paine
Larry Vinaver (2) 
Matthew Carter 
Dillon Lecker  
Jamezz Doulton
Johnny Whadd
Damien Godard

The reason I put the shemales in their own group is because this year in the 2017 * SL PORN * GROUP MOVIE AWARDS for the first time we separate for shemales!!!! So if your a director with a ballet and don't know any shemales, here are 7 that are eligible, along with the other 43 actresses and actors on this list!!! 

I even killed myself off in Intergalactic SLUTS just to prove no one indispensable and that any character can die.


Click "Read more" for 2017 happenings and scrapbook photos from the 9 movie/webisodes.

So for 2017:


I'm going to for go making any new clothes. For me to do things well I have to have a one track mind and if I jumped into clothes again I would be on that for 2 months solid. Instead 2017 is all about making movies!!! We have 3 more webisodes of Intergalactic SLUTS  season 2 to do and when that is complete we will continue on to season 3. 

Production will not stop between seasons but I won't release webisode 1 of season 3 until I have the first 4 webisode finished. That way I can hopefully release all the webisodes just 2 weeks apart and have time for holiday movies to finish 2017!!!

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  1. If I have any complaints about my part in IGS, there's only one. I'm dead by episode 4! lol Honestly though it was an honor to work for you Miss Emily and to work along side all of these amazing actors, actresses and fellow shemales. I really felt like I was contributing to something great and i'm thrilled as can be to see the results of all the hard work everyone put in. I can't thank you enough for letting me be a part of this group and to have a part in such a popular series. I only hope I can do more for you in the coming year. Much love, Miss Emily. :)