Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Wife for Christmas

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Twas the night before Christmas and still all alone
Sad little Levi (Sil) #40yearoldvirgin all on his own
Another year lonely with no one to hold
No buddy to warm him from the long winters cold
So he got on this knees and looked to the sky
And made this one wish with a tear in his eye
"Santa please send me a wife
And I promise to spread cheer the rest of my life."

Then he waited and waited and waited some more
But no young wife has knocked on his door
So with good intentions and a heart so pure
He said a second pray just to be sure
"Oh spirit of Christmas I am so lonely
 Please send me a wife and I will cherish her only."

Then he went up to bed hoping in vain
He would never be lonely on Christmas again
And later that night as our hero slept
The patter of feet in his lonely house crept
With taunt rounded ass and a bounty full rack
And lips that were made to drain Levi's sack

"Whos there!" yelled Levi
To which she replied "It's me your dear loving bride"
To have and to hold to each other devote
"Now will you stick that big cock down my throat?"
"My wish!" he exclaimed "it actually came true"
Before proceeding to fuck the whole night through

While getting sweet head from his lovely new bride
Levi heard a noise and it came from inside
He got up to look to see who was there
So he snuck down the hall and crept down the stairs

And oh what a shock for Levi to see
Another girl under his big Christmas tree
That's when he realized this was wife number two
For he had made two wishes to best try his luck
His reward was two wives to love and to fuck

So Levi approached and number one did too
And together they fucked the entire night through

STARRING: Sil, Racheal Rexen & Aura Kira
Click "Read more" to see the rest of the night!!

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