Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Intergalactic SLUTS is returning in 2018

We'll start this as Season 3 and might make it 12 episodes since Season 2 was short 2 episode!!

So I was thinking of what to do in 2018, I have made 153 movies, and I don't really want to just make SL versions of RL porn. And looking at RL porn it all seems pretty much the same, sure there is some bigger budget stuff I would love to do but then I would just be making SL versions of it.

When I got back into making porn I wanted to do simple fun movies and I did that, but even my "simple" movies weren't like 2011 - 2013 where all you really needed was a room and a bed, stare at each other for 20 seconds and go at it!! I want to prove I could make movies with dialog and moving lips and in the last 12 movies I did just that!! Check that off my list!!

Intergalactic SLUTS in the last season grew form 3 weeks of editing to 4 and that bothered me a lot. so in 2018 I want to get them back down to 3 weeks or less, I know what I'm doing now so I shouldn't be taking 4 weeks. My original plans were to release an episode every 2 weeks, so to do that I have to have 1/2 the season filmed and edited before the first episode is released which is fine with me. So when episode 6 is finished I will release S3E1.

I think I put to much pressure on myself  to get them done, I made tight deadlines for each episode months in advance, never thinking I could get sick and overwork myself in a non paying job!!

So I have a bunch of writing to do some Actors and Actress that were bigger characters have left SL porn and will take some creativity to adjust for that. I will be writing it for most of  January and then start filming!!!

SO if you're a past cast member that is still alive in the series and want out, now would be the time to let me know and if you haven't been in the series and want in, I would say Interview Auditions and coming to my parties are the best way to get noticed by me.

If you don't know what Intergalactic SLUTS is, look here

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