Intergalactic SLUTS

Intergalactic SLUTS (2015 –2019)

X-Rated  |   |  Action, Adventure, Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy | Web Series

An erotic animated space series, set 116 years in the future..... when women are the only gender left on Earth. Exploring and searching for other life.

Creator: Miss Emily
Producer: Miss Emily
Director: Miss Emily 
Writers: Miss Emily & Katina Cazalet 
Stars: Miss Emily, Sandy Miggins, Katina Cazalet, Zoey Winsmore, Erin Cedarbridge, Cream Release, Anyka Aiséirí & Racheal Rexen | See full cast below 



Season: 1 (2015)

Awakening, (S1E1)                      6-5-2015
Bios, (S1E2)                                6-26-2015
Keplerians, (S1E3)                     7-17-2015
Slavers, (S1E4)                            8-4-2015
Interrogation, (S1E5)                 8-28-2015
Resurrection, (S1E6)                  9-18-2015
Reunited, (S1E7)                        10-9-2015
Heads will Roll, (S1E8)            10-30-2015
Betrayed, (S1E9)                      11-28-2015
Finale, (S1E10)                        12-24-2015

Season 2 (2016 - 2017)

Captain Miggins, (S2E1)                     6-10-2016
Sheschlong, (S2E2)                             6-23-2016
Escape, (S2E3)                                    7-11-2016
Persuade, (S2E4)                                8-13-2016
Mera Firelyte Kitty Club, (S2E5)          9-1-2016
Nekoism, (S2E6)                                 10-1-2016
Finding the Princess, (S2E7)            12-7-2016 
Meshehd, (S2E8)                                4-15-2017 

Season 3 (2019)

Death to the Royals, (S3E1)            2-15-2019 
Queen Heather, (S3E2)                     3-1- 2019
A New Start, (S3E3)                         3-15-2019
TheKrawl, (S3E4)                            3-29-2019
Pulchella,(S3E5)                              4-12-2019
Gotcha,(S3E6)                                 5-24-2019
THE GUILLOTINE, (S3E7)              11-22-2019
 Lacertilia (S3E8)                                       2020
Mistress De Vil (S3E9)                              2020
Sperm Donner (S3E10)                             2020
The Truth (S3E11)                                      2020
 Home, (S3E12)                                          2020


  Cast Photos

Season 1 Scrapbook & Flickr

Season 2 Scrapbook & Flickr 

Season 3 Scrapebook & Flickr


Release Dates:

Season 1
Webisode 1....            6-5-2015
Webisode 2....            6-26-2015
Webisode 3...             7-17-2015
Webisode 4....            8-4-2015
Webisode 5....            8-28-2015
Webisode 6....            9-18-2015
Webisode 7....            10-9-2015
Webisode 8....            10-30-2015
Webisode 9....            11-28-2015
Webisode 10..            12-24-2015

Season 2

Start production....  1-18-2016
Webisode 1...             6-10-2016
Webisode 2....            6-24-2016
Webisode 3....            7-11-2016
Webisode 4....            8-13-2016
Webisode 5....            9-2-2016
Webisode 6....           10-1-2016
Webisode 7....            11-25-2016
Webisode 8....            4-14-2017

Season 3
Being written...          Jan-2018      
Start production....  Feb-2018
Webisode 1...             2-15-2019     
Webisode 2....            3-1-2019       
Webisode 3....            3-15-2019      
Webisode 4....            3-29-2019      
Webisode 5....            4-12-2019       
Webisode 6....             5-24-2019       
Webisode 7....             11-22-2019       
Webisode 8....             2020       
Webisode 9....               2020        
Webisode 10..              2020         
 Webisode 11..                2020         
Webisode 12..               2020        


Series cast summary: 1 - 10


Sandy Miggins                                                                    ... Captain Miggins (23 webisodes, 2015-2019 )

MissEmily23                                                                          ... Admiral Emily (23 webisodes, 2015-2019) 

Katina Cazalet                                                                       ... Keplerian Kat (21 webisodes, 2015-2019)


Erin Cedarbridge                                              ... Lt. Commander Cedarbridge (17 webisodes, 2015-2019) 

 Cream Release                                                              ... Lieutenant Release (17 webisodes, 2015-2019) 


Anyka Aiséirí                                                         ... Chief Engineer Aiseiri (15 webisodes, 2015-2019)

Zoey Winsmore                                                               ... Doctor Winsmore (16 webisodes, 2015-2019) 

Marika Blaisdale                                            ... Freckles / Kitty Club Escort (13 webisodes, 2015-2017) 

Zuby Gloom                                                                          ... Zuby Gloom (13 webisodes, 2015-2017)

Racheal Rexen                                                                 ... Lieutenant Rexen (14 webisodes, 2015-2019)


Brea Brianna                                                                    ... Ensign Brianna (13 webisodes,  2015- 2019)

Larry Vinaver                                                                    ...One-eyed Larry (10 webisodes, 2015- 2019)

Lanisonia                                                                   ...Lieutenant Severina (11 webisodes,  2016-2019)

 Eonya                                                                              ...Ensign Evangeline (9 webisodes,  2016-2019)

AmiaJordan                                                                        ... Hand Maiden  (8 webisodes, 2015-2019)


 Damien Godard                                                                 ... Slaver Damien (9 webisodes, 2015-2019)

Ali Lancrae                                                                       ... Mistress De Vil (7 webisodes, 2015-2019)

Partee  Mytili                                                            ... Slave/Space Bar Dancer (6 webisodes, 2015-2016)

RachelChristine Avro                                               ... Slave/Space Bar Dancer (6 webisodes, 2015-2016)

The DOC-TORR                                                                                         ... Slaver Doc (6 webisodes, 2015)


Katrinova                                    ...Sheschlong Queen & Krawl 1st Officer (5 webisodes,  2016-2019)


Kei Frequency                                                         ...Princess Kei/Dancer  (5 webisodes,  2016-2019)

 Traci Quandry                                                          ...Queen's Top Advisor (5 webisodes,  2016-2019) 

Adele Simondsen                                          ... Lt. Commander Simondsen (5 webisodes, 2015) 


Rssen                                       ...Pub Manager, Watcher Kitty Club, Krawl (4 webisodes,  2016- 2017)

Deka Teardrop                                                                    ...Queen Moonie (4 webisodes,  2016-2019)

 April Jestyr                                               ...Schlong Liaison officer Lieutenant Jestyr (4 webisode, 2019)

Lethal  Fireguard                                                               ...Queens Guard (3 webisodes,  2016-2019)

 Kayla Bombastic                                                                                ...Evilest (3 webisodes, 2016 - 2017)

CandyGurlx                                                                        ...Stowaway Candy (3 webisodes,  2016)



Crystal Diabolito                                                                               ...Mera Firelyte (3 webisodes, 2016)

Voelisa                                                                                      ...Queen's Guard (3 webisodes,  2016)

Alisa Bedwell                                                                          ...Queen's Guard (3 webisodes,  2016)

Faith Darrow                                                         ... Waleias Pub Club Manager (3 webisodes, 2019)

Melanie Bobak                                                                  ...Lieutenant Lemton (2 webisodes, 2019)

HeatherAshford                                                                    ... The Princess (2 webisodes, 2016-2019)

Jezzi Mornington                          ... Space bar Bathroom, Waleias stripper (2 webisodes, 2016-2017)

Janis Aulder                                                    ...Slave / Waleias Club Patron (2 webisode, 2015-2017)

JohnnyWhadd                                                           ... De Vil Castle Guard (2 webisodes, 2016- 2017)

Chris C                                                            ...Slaver/Space Bar Murderer (2 webisodes, 2015-2016)


ScottR07                                                                                        ... Bartender (2 webisodes, 2016) 

 G                                                                                                           ...Slaver (2 webisodes, 2015)


 Mags                                                                                     ... Male Keplerian (2 webisodes, 2015)  


Mirko Panacek                                                                          1 Slaver (1 webisodes, 2019)


Paulinette96                                                                              ...Slave (1 webisodes, 2019)

AnthenaMelody                                                                         ...Slave (1 webisodes, 2019)

Nevermind72                                                                                     ...Slave (1 webisodes, 2019)

Vanaelle                                                                                             ...Slave (1 webisodes, 2019)


Jessicaschmitt321                                                      ...Fuck Machine Slave (1 webisodes, 2019)

 Dolly Dickson                                                               ... Pʊɫˈkʰɛl.lian Sacrific (1 webisodes, 2019)


Louisered Faulds                                                                     ... Krawl Captain (1 webisodes, 2019)

Serenity Kristan                                                         ... Krawl Captain's Slave (1 webisodes, 2019)

Mellie Criss                                                                                         ... Krawl (1 webisodes, 2019)

Kelli Kristan                                                                                        ... Krawl (1 webisodes, 2019)

Selina Anatra                                                                                       ... Krawl (1 webisodes, 2019)

Wendiserves                                                                         ... Krawl Security (1 webisodes, 2019)

Brandihotbody                                                                             ... Krawl Security (1 webisodes, 2019)

Kimmyo                                                                               ... Waleias stripper (1 webisodes, 2017)

 Theamore                                                                            ... Waleias stripper (1 webisodes, 2017)

Igor Romanov                                                               ... Waleias Club Patron (1 webisodes, 2017)


Dillon Lecker                                                                 ... Waleias Club Patron (1 webisodes, 2017)

Curty                                                                             ... Waleias Club Patron (1 webisodes, 2017)

Halo Ewing                                                                   ... Waleias Club Patron (1 webisodes, 2017)


Tegan Malone                                                  ... Waleias Club Patron & Slave (2 webisodes, 2017)

Lukn4tacos                                                                   ... Waleias Club Patron (1 webisodes, 2017)

Kassie Martian                                                                  ... Waleias Club Patron (1 webisodes, 2017)

Christine Ashford                                                                ... Waleias Club Patron (1 webisodes, 2017)

Melissa Twang                                                              ... Waleias Club Patron (1 webisodes, 2017)

DominicGiovanni                                                         ... Waleias Club Patron (1 webisodes, 2017)

PrincessBait                                                                   ... Waleias Club Patron (1 webisodes, 2017)


Elaine Moulliez                                                             ... Waleias Club Patron (1 webisodes, 2017)

Cally Janus                                                                    ... Waleias Club Patron (1 webisodes, 2017)

Lusiouspink Faulds                                                        ... Waleias Club Patron (1 webisodes, 2017)

Mystique1111                                                                 ... Waleias Club Patron (1 webisodes, 2017)

Kyllean                                                                                              ... Prisoner (1 webisodes, 2017)

Jamezz Doulton                                                             ... De Vil Castle Guard (1 webisodes, 2016)

 Franceroto                                                            ...Escaped Assailant (1 webisodes, 2016)

Delicence                                                                                ...Feature Dancer (1 webisodes, 2016)

 Vicki Concertina                                                                ...Kitty Club Escort (1 webisodes,  2016)

x111571 Ali Fox                                                                      ...Royal Subject (1 webisodes,  2016)


kymberlysweetcheeks                                                            ... Sex Performer (1 webisodes,  2016)

Sirenpetal  Paine                                                                        ...Pussy Licker (1 webisodes, 2016)

Biarzenne                                                                           ...Kitty Club Fuckie (1 webisodes,  2016)

MattyNA                                                                           ...Kitty Club Fucker (1 webisodes,  2016)

Sashshah                                                                            ...Kitty Club Fuckie (1 webisodes,  2016)

NYmale69                                                                         ...Kitty Club Fucker (1 webisodes,  2016)

TammyJones                                                                                        ...Dancer (1 webisodes, 2016)

RoseDeAmor                                                                                       ...Dancer (1 webisodes, 2016)

Sil                                                                                                          ...Slaver (1 webisodes, 2015)

Athena                                                                                                    ...Slave (1 webisodes, 2015)


Carly Mode                                                                                            ...Slave (1 webisodes,  2015)

Alyara                                                                                                     ...Slave (1 webisodes, 2015)

Whimsical Aristocrat                                                                              ...Slave (1 webisodes, 2015) 

Aura Badger                                                                                             ...Slave (1 webisode, 2015)



March 2015; My idea of this series is more formulated around Star Trek than Star Wars. We are peacefully exploring but we can defend ourselves (Like Walking Dead). We have a main cast of 7 of the best and brightest porn stars (3 directors, 4 photographers) our duties much like Star Trek... well much more sexual.  

During the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Scientist discovered a link to the virus and the Y chromosome found in males, effectively treating the virus worldwide.

In The United States, after the first successful penis transplant was performed in 2014 at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. The men of house and senate passed an appendix to health care reform (Obama care) that not only completely covered Penis Transplant Surgery for congressmen and senators, but also covered the cost of Laboratory-grown penis, so that no member would ever have to touch another man’s penis. 

In 2021 after winning reelection, President Clinton and the female members of the house and senate, sick of watching their male counterparts literally standing around with their cocks in their hands, passed S.J. Res 362436: A joint resolution making the male members of the house and senate’s vote becoming 1/10 of a female members vote, making the minority females have the majority vote, FINALLY something is getting done in Washington.

With Washington rolling again, women take control of the 20 Senate committees including Appropriations and Health. In secret meetings President Clinton, the Chairwoman of the Appropriations committee, the Chairwoman of the Health committee and the top females scientists at the CDC, put into action a plan to develop a hybrid Ebola virus that only attacks the Y (male) chromosome, and doesn’t infect the X (female) Chromosome. This new Hybrid Ebola can be exposed to women and pasted on to men without detection. 

Fall 2024, the first (and only) clinical trial of the new Hybrid Ebola was tested. 50 of Washington D.C.s, hookers, prostitutes and call girls were exposed to the virus. Within a week the last congressman and senator in Washington were dead.

2025, President Hilary Clinton’s final days in office. 

Isis out of control in the Middle East.
Iran has a Nuclear weapon and Israel wants to launch a preemptive strike.
China economically controls most of Asia and all of South America, holding the world’s stock markets captive and capable of destroying any company that doesn’t follow their rules.
North Korea gained nukes and in there joy to prove it to the world effectively destroys South Korea and themselves.
Russia doesn’t stop with Ukraine as specified by the 2017 World Peace Treaty and goes onto take back the Cold War states of the USSR including all of Germany for good measure as the rest of Europe, on the brink of economic collapse and afraid of pissing Russia off, stood idly by.

As her final acts as President, President Clinton pardoned all the members of her staff, all the female members of the House and Senate, the female scientists at the CDC, the 50 sex workers.She then signed the Executive order to release the airborne version of the Hybrid Ebola into the air systems of 1 sports arena in a major city of every state across America.
Within 2 weeks all the men in America were gone, 4 weeks not a one left on earth.

In the years that followed the extinction of males:

Wars ended almost instantly, without war there was no need to spend on military or defense. Instead the nations of Earth came together, worked to solve basic human problems, famine and starvation, disease and aging. With ½ the human race gone and a technology boom, because more money was spent on research, everything runs more efficient and natural resources last longer.

Yes the human race went on, with in-vitro fertilization there was no need for men. The world thrived like never before!! We started to look past Earth, past our own solar system and explore the Universe!! The technological advancements of the last 100 years have given us the ability to travel deep into space, explore new worlds and discover life on other planets!!

July 2015; The objective changes! We encountered a group of  slave traders on the primitive planet of Keplers-22b. They have killed 2, that can not go unpunished, we go on the offensive and go after the slavers!!

June 2016: Season 2 picks up 5 1/2 months after Season 1 ended
Captain Emily is dead and Commander Miggins is the new Captain.

July 2016: Captain Emily is not dead, she was just stranded on Diogo and Captan Miggins is still in charge of the Intergalactic SLUTS. Emily is chasing after the Intergalactic SLUTS with her new crew while everyone else seems to be Searching for a Princess.


Official Sites:


USA | Second Life



Release Date:

4 June 2015

Also Known As:

IGS  | Intergalactic | SLUTS|

Filming Locations:

Kobalt, in Second Life  See more »
The entire region is dedicated to the production of Intergalactic SLUTS, and only cast members are on the access list.

Company Credits

Production Co:

Technical Specs




Aspect Ratio:

1.78 : 1

Did You Know?

The text on screen was the key to the success of the series if that didn't work the series was planned to end at 5 episodes. With the success of the screen text (before Ep 1 was publicly released) the series was extended to 2 seasons, the story line and complete thinking of the series changed.

Everyone cast is told, they will probably die in the series. 

All characters are fictional,but many are modeled after other fictional characters.
One-Eyed Larry is modeled after: Colonel Miles Quaritch in the movie Avatar, with slight physical differences!!
Mistress De Vil is obviously modeled after: Cruella De Vil in the 101 Dalmatians  movies with slight physical differences!!
Queen's Top Advisor Traci is modeled after GoT 'Littlefinger' with slight physical differences!!
Freckles is modeled after Han Solo of Star Wars with no physical comparison.
Keplerian Kat is modeled after Chewbacca  also of Star Wars with slight physical differences!

The Sheschlong Castle was selected for its long hall, reminiscent of the final scene in 1977 Star Wars. Where the Heros walked it to accept there metals. All Castle Sheschlong scene are filmed using the castle with exception of the dungeon. 
The Sheschlong dungeon was modeled after Game of Thrones; Dorne dungeon in season 5, with differences. 
Mera Firelyte's Kitty Club was custom built and modeled after a Denny's Restaurant.


The series has been shoot entirely on homestead of Kobalt

Directors notes for season 1 exceed 20 pages. 

Directors notes for season 2 exceed 26 pages. 


Doctor Winsmore,  Emily, I’m a Doctor not a fortune teller! or Emily, I’m a Doctor not a mind reader.

Mistress De Vil: Fine you can keep him, kill him if you want, castrate him and mount his huge cock to the wall so you can ride it every day if you like! But Captain, I still want your crew as slaves and your pretty little head between my legs with your tongue buried deep in my cunt!!

Doctor Winsmore,  "CRAP, I’m a Doctor not a Sorcerer; I can’t just wave a magic wand and cure people!!!


Halogen Remix
Performed by Length and Brecht

  Season 2 sponsors

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