Monday, December 4, 2017

Victoria June

My Twitter: @Emily23XXX

So I have this twitter account that most of you have never seen and over the 5+ years of having it I haven't tweeted on much until this August!!  So I decided to put an honest effort into it and tweet a couple of times a day in it.
I follow a lot of porn stars, mostly to keep up with what new porn they are making and stuff. I also picked up couple dozen new followers and one is Victoria June @VictoriaJune69 !!
When she started following me
Victoria is a porn star and relatively new, I thought she followed me thinking I was a RL porn director and could help in her career, I expected any moment she would figure out I'm not and unfollow me, until she messaged me today!!

This made me so fucking happy!!
Sometimes porn stars watch our porn!!


  1. Awesome Mistress, i know that lots of people outside of SL love to enjoy Machinima too. Great post