Saturday, January 27, 2018

January 24th, Hump Day Party


Our 6th anniversary party!! Thats right on January 25th 2012 we had our first hump-day party!! 
311 parties later and here we are!!
This weeks sponsor was Smooching Serpents

They donated 3 Prizess !! Be sure to check out Smooching Serpents Marketplace and In-World Store!!They have given us (3)  Smooching Serpents Prizes to raffle off!!  3 people will won a prize box worth between L$1,799 and L$799.

If you were there, you might be in these pictures. If you couldn't make it, you should see what you missed!!!
Dirty Little Girl DJ Moonie (Deka Teardrop)
 did a fantastic job!!

 Click "Read more" to see the rest!!


Next Party: * SL PORN * Saturday Party; Saturday, January 27th at Porn✰Stars Sex Club!! 1pm to 3pm slt DJ Zoey will be playing the music!!

Next Hump-day Party; Wednesday January 31st at Porn✰Stars Sex Club 1pm to 3pm slt Dirty Little Girl DJ Moonie (Deka Teardrop) will be playing the music!!

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