Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Vanessa (Vanaelle)

This isn't a typical interview !!
Vanessa has been present at many parties and recently up graded her look, so I decided to ask her is she wanted to be in a porn movie.
Because she's not in * SL PORN * group I didn't want to do the typical Interview Auditions those are reserved for group members.

But I still wanted to get to know her. 
She is French so I wondered if that would be a problem, I wouldn't give her a role that took much acting, she is best suited for pose ball riding. With that in mind she would still need to be able to operate her tongue, for licking and open her mouth for moaning and sucking.

So instead of an interview I gave her an audition, which means show me what you can do in sex poses so that I have confidence in casting you.

Country: France
Why Porn:  Then why, in fact several things, I like the sex, but the Nice, as you do it is very well done, very pro, your videos are well done I love, A lot. It is very classy in fact as your club, looks like a little at what did marc dorcel in france, very nice, very neat, so do what is best in sl if possible
Sexual Orientation: No matter but more lesbian.
Won't do: Open all.
Experience: No but there a beginning has everything.
Favorite Sexual Act: Anal Sex
Would you have sex with a director to get a part: Obviously

She did good so I added her to my group, Miss Emily's Studio

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