Thursday, December 27, 2018

2019 Reboot

Some of you may or may not no my 2 year old Alienware, was loading a  "recommended update" on Dec 3rd, it said "Restarting" just like all updates seem to and shut it's self off, but never restarted.

So of course I had no warranty on it after it just turned 2, so I spent the next week talking to Alienware tech support and the Best Buy, Geek Squad. 
Alienware said, "Send it to us we made it we are best suited to fix it."
I said "I'm going to try local and avoid a week of shipping!"
Geek Squad said (with fear in their eyes) "Yes send it back to Alienware it could be anything!!"

In the mean time I was working off  my 11" Dell Inspiron laptop, and I had the 2nd part of my Christmas movie scheduled to shoot on Dec 4th, so that had to be cancelled and that is why I had no Christmas movie for 2018 and did no photo shoots or much anything else other than my 2 weekly parties.

So I emailed my Alienware support tech and he shipped me a computer box that I sent back to Texas on the 14th. So now after nearly a month I have it back clean as a newborn, don't worry I removed my hard drive with everything I have shot on it. I have spent most of the day uploading programs important to me, antivirus, browsers,  fraps, Firestorm.

I have used Vegas for movie editing since version 10. Vegas pro 14 for the last 2 years, now Vegas 16 is out so I installed that just to find out it's not compatible with 14, so I installed 14 too so I can finish editing what I started in 14 before the reboot.

So Jan 2nd 2019 we'll be ready to go again!! The month off will slide the premier of Intergalactic SLUTS season 3 back to February and the Christmas movie we started filming , I want to finish while the set is still up!! We'll finish Intergalactic SLUTS and start many new projects!!

So back to work for me in 2019 after December off!!

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