Monday, December 31, 2018

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Year in Reflection

Every year at this time I take the time to look back at the year ending and a little look forward to the year to come.

Well 2018 looks like I didn't do much, and that's fine. To much of something or someone can be bad, like a song you hear over and over, or a celebrity that seems to never go away, you get sick of them. That's why a lot of celebrities / artist step away from the spotlight for a year or so, or while they record there next album sure to drive you crazy for the year to come.

Well, I sort of did that.
While I'm defiantly not making as many movies as I did in my early years, 107 movies in 29 months.
I have still been filming, looking at my Scrapbook I shot 26 scenes in 2018. Two of those 26 resulted in the 2 movies I released near the end of 2018.
Be Careful What You Wish For...
Black Friday 5 / I Can Fuck You Better 2

The other 24 scenes are for season 3 of Intergalactic SLUTS. I thought instead of just releasing each webisode when they were finished (1 a month) I would hold them and release them in 2019 one every 2 weeks giving you ample time to watch and not fall behind.

On Dec 3rd after filming the 1st half of my 2018 Christmas movie I did a "recommended software update" that killed my computer. I wound up shipping it back to Texas and received it back just after Christmas, new mother board and SSD. I still want to finish that movie but probably won't release it for 11 months. With my computer being down for a month that also moves the release of season 3 of Intergalactic SLUTS back a month.

So I guess I'll make this official: the season 3 premier of Intergalactic SLUTS is Friday February 15th 2019. One year after we shot the 1st of those 26 scenes of 2018.

In 2011 I had 37 cast members in 26 movies
2012; 70 in 47 movies
2013; 113 in 34 movies
2014: 128 in 7 movies
2015; 41 in16 movies
2016; 50 in 9 movies
2017; 54 in 14 movies

For 2018 there were 3 of you in 2 movies
Which I would like to take the time and recognize now:
Mellie Criss
Sandy Miggins 
Stephen "Prince" Darnay 

There are many more of you that filmed scenes with me but that will have to wait until the 2019 reflection after those webisodes are released.

So for 2019:
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Intergalactic SLUTS is returning in 2019!! The final 12 webisodes.
7 have been filmed leaving 5 more to filmed. The final webisode will be released in August barring any RL events.

I try not to get to far ahead and focus on the work at hand (finishing Intergalactic SLUTS) but I have written notes, outlines and scenes for 3 feature length movies, that I want to make and that's not including "I Can Fuck You Better 3", "Black Friday 6" and the unfinished 2018 Christmas movie. I also get many other movie ideas that pop in my head and I write down before I forget them.

We'll see what happens but for now I have plenty to do well into 2021!!

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