Thursday, February 14, 2019

Death To The Royals, Intergalactic SLUTS S3E1


An erotic space adventure series, set 116 years in the future.

Meshehd, Intergalactic SLUTS S2E8 was released 1 year and 10 months ago today, yet this episode starts exactly right where Meshehd left off with Admiral Emily and Lt. Commander Cedarbridge sitting at the teleport controls after teleporting Captain Miggins and her landing party down to planet Waleias.

We see the conditions that Keplerian Kat has to endure at the hands or pussy of Mistress De Vil

When Captain Miggins returns with no information about Waleias, Admiral Emily takes her own landing party down to Waleias.

Princess Heather is rescued by the Schlongs.
There is more but I don't want to give to much away, WATCH THE MOVIE!!
STARRING: MissEmily23,Katina Cazalet, Erin Cedarbridge, Cream Release, Racheal Rexen, Ali Lancrae, Amia Jordan, Brea Brianna, Arienne Evangeline and April Jestyr
FEATURING: Katrinova, Traci Quandry, Kei Frequency, Lethal Fireguard and Faith Darrow

If the video doesn't play right for you here it can also be seen by using these links:
Naughty Machinima

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  1. This came out Fantastic, i had so much fun on the set :)

  2. Wonderful job Loved the ending !

  3. Fantastic work, Em! Love this new installment. It was so great working with you all on this. Congrats :)

  4. That was wonderful, outstanding work, I love it