Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Queen Heather, Intergalactic SLUTS S3E2

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An erotic space adventure series, set 116 years in the future.

Admiral Emily, Captian Miggins and Lieutenant Severina decide the Intergalactic SLUTS should return to Sheschlong for the Queen's coronation.

We see what goes on in the Queen's transport back to Sheschlong.

One-eyed Larry and Damien escape again.

Heather gets crowned; Queen of Sheschlong.
STARRING: MissEmily23, Sandy Miggins, Katina Cazalet, Erin Cedarbridge, Cream Release, Zoey Winsmore, Anyka Aiséirí,  Racheal Rexen, Brea Brianna, Severina, Arienne Evangeline, Larry Vinaver, Damien Godard and April Jestyr
FEATURING: Traci Quandry, Faith Darrow, Heather Ashford, Kei Frequency, Lethal Fireguard and Moonie

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