Thursday, February 28, 2019

Queen Heather, Intergalactic SLUTS S3E2


An erotic space adventure series, set 116 years in the future.

Admiral Emily, Captian Miggins and Lieutenant Severina decide the Intergalactic SLUTS should return to Sheschlong for the Queen's coronation.
We see what goes on in the Queen's transport back to Sheschlong.
One-eyed Larry and Damien escape again.
Heather gets crowned; Queen of Sheschlong.
STARRING: MissEmily23, Sandy Miggins, Katina Cazalet, Erin Cedarbridge, Cream Release, Zoey Winsmore, Anyka Aiséirí,  Racheal Rexen, Brea Brianna, Severina, Arienne Evangeline, Larry Vinaver, Damien Godard and April Jestyr
FEATURING: Traci Quandry, Faith Darrow, Heather Ashford, Kei Frequency, Lethal Fireguard and Moonie

If the video doesn't play right for you here it can also be seen by using these links:

This webisode was planned in 2016 to be the 10th and final episode of season 2. Things happened, I was in rehab for 2 months and felt really out of film making when I got out so I finished 2017 with 13 simpler films. When we started season 3 I felt this and "Death To The Royals" were needed to put sort of a cap on season 2 story lines.

The next webisode is named "New Start" which is exactly what it sounds like. Everyone is back  aboard the Intergalactic SLUTS and we are back to exploring. It might sound boring, but it's not, we are unbound of the story lines of Mistress De Vil and the Slavers and are free to explore new planets, for a while.

I hope you enjoyed this movie, we enjoyed making it!! If you would, Please leave a nice comment below! 
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  1. I have to say working on IGS has been one of my greatest experiences in SL. The cast was amazing to work with throughout the episodes I was lucky enough to be in. The support and direction given by Miss Emily when she makes her films is extraordinary. Well done again Miss Emily, another great episode.

  2. that was outstanding, another great episode

  3. The quality and imagination are just totally mind blowing. Totally and utterly suburb and so honoured and proud to take part. Thank you Miss Emily

  4. Always Excellent work Emily. Great job!

  5. These were totally awesome I enjoyed doing them and would love to do more .smiles

  6. Well done, Emily, very proud to be associated with such a wonderful production and such an awesome team of people.