Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 6

 Dear Mom and Daddy,

That Elf Comm was hard job!! We spent the whole time watching people (adults) being naughty and fingering our pussy we forgot to watch the children.
So this morning we went to the chocolate fucktory, or was it factory.

We were in the mood for something easy and sweet. The chocolate looked yummy.

We wanted to get in and rub it all over our bodies. What does that sign behind us say?

We lost or cute outfits!! That elf was happy!!

The chocolate felt so good, but they made us get out and clean up. That was fun!

They have this huge mixer, and it was putting off some good vibrations.

We had a craving for more fun, and the elves’ were happy to give us some

They covered us with their “special” icing!

 Link to Day 7

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